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Web Agency

We are involved in all the phases of web development. We are behind any task involving web environment.

Web design

The user interface influences directly the user satisfaction and indirectly the success of the projects. An easy and pleasant way to interract with an application convinces the users about the utility of software products. Especially working on-line emphasizes the need for well built user interfaces. Good web design increases productivity and user satisfaction.

We offer for our clients the needed expertise for reaching highest objectives. The expertise gathered so far ensures professionalism and eficiency to our services and products.

Online presence, website creation

Web presence, through a website, is very important for any company. Beside the company's description and contact information, the website send thorough messages for their clients. Websites are a business card on the web for the owners that is why is has to send correctly the business's manifest.

Creating a simple website does not reach the wanted results and that is why our web agency is there for our clients with expertise and hardware infrastructure for best results.

Website optimization

Web projects have to be continuously adapted to bring constantly good results. We can develop any kind of web project. We have been involved, during software development, with most of the web technologies.

Web hosting

We offer professional web hosting for the projects developed with us. Most of the hosting products are offered free for our clients.

Online Shop

Products presentation inside an online shop offer the clients to reach the wanted products easier and to order them faster. We are here with the needed expertise to develop successful on-line shops.

Online catalogue

Website navigation, from web page to web page is sometimes uneasy and this is why products presetation inside on-line catalogues offers the clients the possibility to navigate easier. We develop for our clients online catalogues with great impact upon target clients.

Online Marketing Campaigns

Promoting products basically makes them better knows for target clients and this usually brings higher income. Products launch and promotion on web gets better marketing results.

We are behind our clients with the needed expertise for promoting projects, products and services of your company!

SEO - search engine optimization

On the web there is a real struggle to be in the navigation pathway of clients and this si done besides promoting by search engine optimization. At a simple search using search engines it is important for the wanted link to be as high as possible in the indexing lists. It is proven that good SEO brings higher income.

SEM - search engine marketing

The fastest way to promote products online is the search engine marketing. We all know the sponsored links. Their success was proved over and over.

SMM - social media marketing

Together with social networks we have a new method of marketing. This involves publishing and promoting products on social networks like Facebook, Google +, Linked-In and many others. We have all the needed expertise for this kind of marketing.

Our headquarter is situated in Cluj Romania.

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Sannicoara, Cluj county, Romania