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Our mission

Centric IT is a software company that was built to provide software solutions for business. While providing business solutions we also have developed our design capabilities, because the users want solutions that arent's only efficient but also easy to use in terms of design and accesibility.

When we talk about business software we have to say that the companies have had their doubts that the software would really optimize the business and production processes. Now it is clear for all business staff that performance cannot be achieved without software solutions.

As a software development company, we have worked together with consultants from marketing, management, food industry, medical environment and many more; in order to achieve the highest degree of expertise and relevance.

Centric IT maintains the connection with the local universities participating in reasearch projects so that the services and products that we offer are always in trend with the new business directions.

We invite you to contact us for any of your software requirements, we can help you find the best solution for your business!

Our headquarter is situated in Cluj Romania.

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VAT: RO 26548709
Address: 407042, 33th Grădinarilor street,
Sannicoara, Cluj county, Romania